Hi there,

I am Dr.Vidhya Nair

Holistic Psychologist & Doctor

A facilitator with a purpose to heal an individual's mind & body, with a holistic approach.

Person centred Neuro-Psychotherapy,

Hypnotherapy, CBT & NLP practitioner.

Queer affirmative. Compassion driven safe space.

Vidya is one of the most genuinely caring and emotionally intelligent people that I know and have ever met. There are simply not enough adjectives to describe her- awareness, knowledge, thoughtfulness, compassion and understanding of human experience. She radiates empathy, has a memory of an elephant and helps you become a better person. Simply put, Vidya is a gem of a therapist and human being. If you need to work through something, anything, her engaging nature will help you to understand and rewire whatever you are going through. I am truly a better person after knowing her and cannot recommend enough that you reach out her, you will not regret it!

-Monitha Y

Dr.Vidhya is indeed Dr.good vibes. She makes sure you feel comfortable enough to open up to her and listens to all your problems very patiently. She is a true healer who takes mental health very seriously. Would highly recommend her to everyone facing mental health issues.

-Nidhi Paliwal

You feel happy and positive just by talking to Dr. vidhya, she treats you like her own and takes an holistic approach to solve your physical as well as mental health problems. An Amazing doctor, must visit for psychological problems as she will go deep into the root cause and then resolve any kind of issue.

-Meera S

I love Dr. Vidhya's ability to listen, understand, and relate while keeping things casual, but professional. She is attentive, well-spoken and quite knowledgable.

Personally, I am somebody who is not comfortable talking about myself infront of anyone, but lately I have started to open up with her as she is easy to talk to and instills a sense of security and calmness. Her advice is always relatable and relevant.

I would very much recommend Dr. Vidhya to anyone seeking any type of counseling. Keep spreading the good vibes Doc :)

-Tanya Rai

I have had a chance to interact with Dr. Vidhya couple of times now and the way she helps you break down the issue is really helpful. It's a safe space to talk about anything and you don't have to think twice before you enter the session. I would strongly recommend her counselling if you want solutions regarding psychological problems & difficulties.

  • Dimpi D

I have known Dr.Vidhya for sometime now and proud of what she is doing in the time of Covid-19. She is very polite , kind and one of the best therapist I know.


What I help overcome?

Anxiety Disorder

  • Social Anxiety
  • General Anxiety Disorder
  • Phobia
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Post traumatic Stress Disorder


  • Clinical depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Borderline Personality disorder

Grief / Trauma

  • Loss
  • Physical/ Sexual / Emotional Abuse

Family/ Relationship issues

  • Relationship issues
  • Toxic relationship/environment

Debilitating patterns

  • Addictions
  • OCD
  • Work- life balance
  • Self depreciating

Chronic Physical Illness

  • Diabetes
  • Blood pressure
  • Migraines
  • Cancer recovery

Frequently asked questions

How does therapy work?

A Therapy session gives you a safe space to talk and let it all out.

In the therapy sessions, I will patiently and non-judgementally listen to your issue and the effect it has on your mental & physical health.

While, i listen and understand your issue, i will also help understand the deep rooted cause behind your emotions/thoughts and behaviour.

Facilitate you in realising the unhealthy patterns/beliefs that may have lead to the current state.

On realisation, i will help you build yourself to overcome these patterns/illness.

Provide you with tools & techniques that have been quite effective in overcoming your issue.

Helps you let go of unhealthy patterns/ coping mechanisms/ symptoms that may have developed as a result of ill mental health.

It is process which helps build a new training for yourself, which will keep you healthy mentally and physically.

It not only help you deal with the current situation, but also the future situations.

Therapy teaches you skills that will help you in the long term, whenever issues pop up.

Therapy is often the fastest, most effective route to overcome emotional and behavioural issues that keep you from living the life you want.

When should i seek therapy?

Often, people have a misconception that you need to be diagnosed with an illness to seek professional help. That's not true!

Therapy is for everyone.

  • If you feel like you are not able to function as usual.
  • If you feel like your thoughts, feelings or behaviour is affecting your daily activities.
  • If you feel like your mental health is causing physical harm (eg. addictions, binging, self harm).
  • If you feel like, you can't control your emotions or actions.
  • If you feel like there is no hope left in you.
  • If you feel like you want to improve yourself.
  • If you feel like you see physical signs which are recurrent and can't find the biological cause to it (eg.headaches, cramps, muscle tension, irritable bowel).
  • If you feel like, you don't understand what to do in life anymore and need help.
  • If you feel lost & disconnected and need help understand your self.

And of course, if you show any signs of a mental health illness.

In all these situations, you can get therapy and can be very beneficial,

How long does therapy take?

My approach to therapy is very client specific. Each individual is experiencing a different set of feelings. Depending on the individual and the issue we intend to overcome, the therapy is planned. Therapy is a process of reprogramming the unhealthy patterns to healthy ones. It takes it's time. It also depends on the individual's willingness to change and implement the tools and techniques provided for a better mental health. Therapy is a process of healing, and as physical wounds take their time, so do mental ones.

Allow yourself to heal.

Will my conversation be confidential?

Yes. Everything you share will be absolutely confidential.

Unless, I find that the individual is in immediate danger to self or others.

Trusted by:

Love, strength, happiness & peace,

Dr. GoodVibes ❤️