About me

A holistic psychologist dedicated to helping you achieve optimal well-being. My journey into psychology began with a medical degree, where I gained a deep understanding of the human body. Over time, while practising in intensive care(I.C.U.) I witnessed the power of the mind and how miracles happen with it.

On realising the profound impact that the mind has on overall health, I took on this path to specialize in psychology.I went and did my Masters in Psychology, followed by a course in Cognitive behavioural therapy, Neuro - linguistic programming, Hypnotherapy, Yoga and have an ongoing research in neuroscience.

My keen interest in human nature & the functioning of mind is never ending and constantly encourages me to learn various facets of our being!

My mission is to help an individual free their mind and use the power of the mind and the essence that they are born with. Help them be incharge of their life and heal.

I am also an absolute nature lover, so much so that I left the city life to move to Goa. Nature makes me feel whole and complete and I can't seem to connect with anything more. It definitely helps me grow. And I truly believe, only if I grow can I help others grow.

So yes, if you ever see someone looking like me swimming like a mermaid in the sea at the beaches of Goa, that would possibly be me.

Dr. Vidhya Nair

M.B.B.S. , Masters in Psychology.

Psychologist, Holistic doctor, CBT, NLP practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Yoga practitioner.

What I do?

Empowering Mind, Body, and Spirit

In my practice, I utilize an eclectic approach, blending my medical knowledge with psychological techniques to provide comprehensive care. This integrative method allows me to address the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of each individual, fostering holistic healing and personal growth.

I help an individual understand their emotions, thoughts and behaviour i.e. their mental health. Facilitate them in realising the cause of their issues & a compassionate way to understand and deal with it. Empowering you, to build a healthy life for your self, with awareness. Helping you gain autonomy over your life with compassion and empathy.

My therapy is client specific and designed around the client's state of mind. I use an amalgamation of psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, neuro- linguistic programming, knowledge of the subconscious mind, research based tools & techniques in neuroscience for this process, as and when required for the client's healing.

Spreading Awareness

Dr.Goodvibes is how people fondly know me on social platforms like instagram.

It's a space where I try to spread the right awareness with a sense of responsibility.

It is my humble try to spread knowledge about mental health which can help people understand themselves or their world better in some way.

4XTedx speaker

2022 AIIMS Panelist

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Love, strength, happiness & peace,

Dr. GoodVibes ❤️