About me

I am a medical doctor (M.B.B.S.), who realised the importance of the mind while practising in intensive care(I.C.U.). I have in fact, witnessed the power of the mind and how miracles happen with it.

I realised how neglected mental health is & how undermined the power of the mind is in the healing of an individual. How only the physical signs are looked into. But, as a doctor and psychologist I know there is more than what meets the eye.

On this realisation, I went and did my Masters in Psychology. Did my course in Cognitive behavioural therapy, Neuro - linguistic programming, Hypnotherapy and have an ongoing research in neuroscience.

My keen interest in human nature & the functioning of mind is never ending!

Dr. Vidhya Nair

M.B.B.S. , Masters in Psychology.

Psychologist, Holistic doctor, CBT, NLP practitioner, Hypnotherapist

What I do?

I help an individual understand their emotions, thoughts and behaviour i.e. their mental health. Facilitate them in realising the cause of their issues & a compassionate way to understand and deal with it. Empowering you, to build a healthy life for your self, with awareness. Helping you gain autonomy over your life with compassion and empathy.

My therapy is client specific and designed around the client's state of mind. I use an amalgamation of psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, neuro- linguistic programming, knowledge of the subconscious mind, research based tools & techniques in neuroscience for this process, as and when required for the client's healing.

My mission is to help an individual free their mind and use the power of the mind that they are born with. Help them be incharge of their life and heal.

Love, strength, happiness & peace,

Dr. GoodVibes ❤️